The Benefits of a Tooth-Colored Filling

Process of filling on fake toothWith the holidays upon us, it is important to keep your smile in mind as you enjoy some seasonal favorite treats. Practicing excellent oral health habits at home, including brushing and flossing regularly, is crucial to maintaining a lifelong grin. Certain foods such as baked goods and other sweet treats can feed oral bacteria, causing them to secrete harmful acids at a more rapid rate, and ultimately lead to structural deterioration. The result of this is cavities, and if left untreated, they can become larger and larger, ultimately resulting in severe decay and potential for tooth loss. Fortunately, your Syosset, NY dentist at Syosset Dental can treat this concern with a tooth-colored filling.

Protection from Further Infection

Cavities are areas of a tooth that become permanently damaged by harmful bacteria and ultimately form holes in your oral structures. They can be difficult to spot on your own, as they tend to form in the hard-to-reach, hard-to-see portions of the mouth. When you attend your routine checkup and cleaning, your dentist will take care to examine your teeth and surrounding structures for any damage or concern, including cavities. If they are left untreated, they can begin to cause issues such as sensitivity, aches, and ultimately result in loss. As a solution to this problem, your dentist may recommend a filling.

In the past, silver fillings have been utilized to address cavities, as they provide a strong barrier between your inner tooth and the harmful bacteria surrounding it. While the utilization of metal has been deemed safe by the ADA and FDA, a safer method has since been pursued in order to protect individuals with a mercury sensitivity. The result is a composite resin that consists of finely-ground acrylic and reflective particles that not only provide a more realistic appearance, but bond better with your tooth’s natural structure.

Slowing Down Tooth Decay

In addition to the cosmetic benefits of a natural-looking composite resin, this restorative measure allows for the prevention of decay. Cavities are a form of decay that, once left untreated, will continue to progress until a structure is completely lost or compromised. By acting in a timely manner, you will be able to enjoy your natural teeth once more and prevent the need for extensive treatment such as a root canal or extraction. During this process, your dentist will carefully remove the decayed portions of the structure, clearing it of harmful bacteria that could progress if left unmanaged. We will then place the composite resin and shape it so as to completely fill the hole with no room for bacteria to enter, and to mimic the natural texture of your tooth. Finally, the resin is hardened and you are good to go!

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