More than Teeth Cleaning at Your Dental Checkup

When you think of regular dental care, your first thought may be of your dentist or hygienist cheerfully cleaning and polishing your teeth. However, that’s only one half of a complete checkup and cleaning appointment. The other half (your checkup) involves a detailed inspection of your teeth, gums, and oral tissues to determine if any issues exist. As the cornerstone of excellent dental health, your routine dental visits are about more than just cleaning your teeth; it’s about preserving your whole smile by optimizing your dental health care.

Passing Inspection

The reason checkups are necessary is because common dental issues, like tooth decay and gum disease, show small, barely noticeable symptoms when they first develop. For instance, before a cavity forms, your tooth enamel grows weak. Before gum disease develops, gingivitis irritates and inflames your gums. You may not notice these signs on your own until they become more prominent, but your dentist can spot them easily and early during your regular dental checkups.

Developing a Treatment Plan

If your dentist finds signs of an existing issue, then the next step of your checkup appointment will be to consult with you about appropriate treatment options. Dental treatment is highly personalized, and your dentist will only recommend solutions that are optimal and necessary for your unique needs and preferences.

Improving Your Home Hygiene

What you do at home between dental visits has a significant influence on your oral health. If you don’t brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily, or if you do so improperly, then your risks for developing cavities, gum disease, and more are significantly higher. To help improve your oral health, your dentist will suggest ways to improve your hygiene routine at home.

Schedule Your Next Checkup & Cleaning

Regular visits to your dentist are about more than just keeping your teeth clean, they also help your dentist keep a close eye on your oral health and bite function. To schedule your next checkup and cleaning appointment, call Syosset Dental in Syosset, NY today at 516-433-2211 or 516-921-1678.