Could TMD Be The Cause Of Your Headaches?

syosset headaches tmj disorder

Do you often experience headaches or migraines, and cannot identify the underlying cause? If so, then you may consider an appointment with your Syosset, NY dentist. Often, your headaches could be the result of strain on your jaw joints, which leads to a serious issue known as TMJ disorder, or TMD. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how we diagnose and treat TMD.

Headaches and TMJ Disorder

When there is imbalance in our bite and strain on the joints that connect the skull and jaw, this could lead to pain throughout your face and head. The onset of TMJ disorder could bring jaw aches, facial pain, popping or clicking in the jaw, and even headaches and migraines. Unless treated, the discomfort could increase in severity, and you could eventually have trouble fully opening and closing your mouth. Causes of the imbalance could include injury to the face or jaw, the loss of one or more teeth, high levels of stress, and dental misalignment.

The Bruxism Connection

There could also be a connection to bruxism, also known as chronic teeth grinding. When we grind and clench our teeth, this could strain the jaw and make the onset of TMD more likely. In addition, untreated TMJ disorder could make one more susceptible to bruxism. Teeth grinding not only makes an irritating sound, but could also place enormous pressure on your teeth, increasing the risk of broken, chipped, cracked, or worn-down teeth. With damage comes the risk of tooth decay and dental infection too!

Treating Your Discomfort

We need to understand the factors behind your discomfort, so we carefully examine your teeth, jaw joints, and oral structures with advanced digital x-rays and intraoral cameras. These detailed images allow us to identify factors behind the disorder, and assess the severity too. From there, we decide on the best course of treatment. For some, we could ease TMD by correcting misalignment with clear aligners, or by improving bite balance with the placement of one or more dental crowns.

However, the most common solution is a simple oral appliance. The device will look like a mouthguard, and be worn as you sleep at night. The device is custom-designed and fitted for your smile, providing a comfortable fit that adjusts the jaw to ease tension and stress. This prevents further symptoms and improves bite balance. The device also helps prevent damage from grinding and clenching by putting a barrier between the upper and lower sets of teeth!

Syosset Dental Wants to Help Prevent Periodontal Disease

Don’t let persistent pain continue, talk to our team about an exam and consultation. If you have questions about restoring the health, function, and beauty of your smile with oral appliance therapy, then contact our Syosset, NY dental office today at 516-433-2211.