Life After Tooth Loss – The Importance of Tooth Replacement

With the right dental treatment, your smile can recover from virtually anything. In a lot of cases, like dealing with tooth decay or tooth damage, recovery means saving the tooth in question by restoring its compromised structure. However, it also means helping your smile bounce back from losing one or more teeth, which can be one of the most significant things to affect your long-term oral health. Today, we take a look at what changes when you lose one or more teeth, and what life after tooth loss can be with the right custom-designed replacement teeth.

Reacting to the loss of healthy teeth

The loss of your healthy, natural teeth is the biggest change, but it’s the many different ways in which the rest of your teeth and oral structures react to the loss that matters. For example, replacing your lost teeth helps stop your remaining teeth from shifting due to the change in your bite’s pressure. It also helps reverse the visual effects of tooth loss, and restore the diminished quality of your biting and chewing functions.

Dealing with it with a custom restoration

Every aspect of your healthy, natural tooth’s structure serves an important function. For instance, its size, shape, and contour do more than make up your smile’s appearance; they also promote the balance and pressure distribution of your bite. For your replacement tooth or teeth to successfully restore your smile, your restoration should mimic the healthy tooth as closely as possible. That takes advanced digital technology to prepare and measure the tooth accurately, and to craft your restoration precisely according to the tooth’s specifications.

Using implants to support your replacement teeth

Today’s dental restorations come in all shapes and sizes, from single and multiple tooth dental bridges to partial and full dentures. Each is designed to closely mimic the healthy and blemish-free appearance of your lost teeth. However, only some come with the same support system – a root. Dental implants are root-like posts that can be inserted into your jawbone to mimic the way a healthy tooth root functions. The post or posts can support your custom restoration with a much higher level of comfort and stability, and do a better job of mimicking the entire structures of your healthy, natural teeth.

We’ll help you prepare for life after tooth loss

After you’ve lost one or more teeth, your smile will never be the same. However, it can get as close to it as possible with the help of an implant-supported restoration. For more information, schedule a visit by calling Syosset Dental in Syosset, NY, today at 516-433-2211 or 516-921-1678.