3 Things that Affect Your Smile’s Appearance

Given the high impact that your smile has on your overall facial appearance, wanting yours to be beautiful and healthy-looking is natural. If you aren’t proud of its appearance, then you may be less likely to show your smile and the effect can significantly impact your self-confidence. Fortunately for patients in Syosset, NY, many of the common issues that affect your smile’s appearance can be easily and effectively corrected with custom cosmetic dental treatment.

1. Extrinsic (external) teeth stains

When it comes to your smile’s appearance, teeth stains are the most common nuisance. That’s because they can develop on your teeth even when you strive to keep them healthy and free of disease. For example, over the years, colorful molecules from your foods and beverages can accumulate on your tooth enamel, gradually changing the shade of your teeth. To erase such stains and restore your smile’s bright appearance, your dentist may suggest customized teeth-whitening, which you can apply from the comfort of home or complete during a single visit to your dentist’s office.

2. Crooked teeth (malocclusion)

The alignment of your teeth can have several affects on your oral health. In addition to making it harder for your bite to function and placing your teeth under undue stress, crooked teeth also significantly affect your smile’s esthetic value. Severe cases of malocclusion may require orthodontic braces to correct, though you may be able to correct your tooth alignment with the help of more comfortable and discreet Invisalign® clear aligners.

3. Chips, cracks, and more

If your tooth becomes chipped or cracked, then it could become structurally weaker as well as visibly jarring compared to the rest of your smile. If a tooth is substantially damaged, then it may need to be capped with a porcelain dental crown to restore its strength and integrity. Yet, in many cases, a minor chip or fracture can be corrected with cosmetic tooth bonding or a lifelike porcelain veneer.

Optimize your smile’s appearance

There are many different factors that could influence your level of confidence in your smile. For more information on how the right cosmetic treatment can help you address them all, schedule a consultation by calling Syosset Dental in Syosset, NY today at 516-433-2211 or 516-921-1678.