How Can Your Dentist Help You Stop Snoring?

Millions of people snore every night, some louder and more often than others, but most people don’t realize that it might be a serious condition. Those that do worry about their snoring and want to seek help to stop often don’t realize that their dentist may be the best one to turn to for help. That’s because snoring is often the result of an issue with your oral or throat tissues. To address it, your dentist can use his oral health expertise to design a custom-made oral appliance that you can wear at night that helps you stop snoring and finally rest peacefully.

The Connection Between Snoring and Oral Health

When you snore, the noise typically originates in your throat and airway. As you sleep, your mouth and throat tissues can fall into your airway, partially obstructing your breath trying to pass through. The smaller space means every breath has to be more forcefully drawn, and the increased air pressure can cause the walls in your throat to vibrate loudly. In some minor cases, switching sleeping positions can help prevent this airway obstruction. If you snore chronically, however, then your dentist can supply a custom appliance to help keep your airway clear while you sleep.

The Benefits of a Custom Sleep Appliance

A custom sleep appliance is designed to fit comfortably over your teeth and support your lower jaw in a slightly forward position. As you sleep, the appliance prevents airway blockage by keeping your oral tissues more properly supported. For patients who experience sleep apnea—a sleep breathing disorder that’s marked by loud snoring—a custom appliance can often serve as a more comfortable alternative to the traditional CPAP machine. A continuous positive airway pressure machine supplies a gentle flow of oxygen to prevent sleep apnea patients from experiencing complete airway blockage. With a custom appliance, patients may be able to avoid having to rely on the machine to get the sleep they deserve every night.

Learn How to Stop Snoring by Calling Our Office

Snoring might not seem obviously connected to your dental health, but the root cause of it is often an issue with your oral tissues. To learn if your dentist can help you stop snoring with a custom oral appliance, schedule a consultation by calling Syosset Dental in Syosset, NY today at 516-433-2211 or 516-921-1678.