3 Good Uses for Tooth Bonding

Some of the more common tooth blemishes might affect your smile’s appearance, but they often aren’t as serious or complicated to address as they seem. In many cases, that means your dentist can quickly and conveniently address them, often without any permanent alterations to your tooth structure. For instance, with cosmetic tooth bonding, your dentist can address a wide variety of issues by using customized, tooth-colored composite resin. While it’s considered a cosmetic treatment due to its highly lifelike appearance, tooth bonding can also help improve a tooth’s strength and integrity to improve its long-term health.

Fixing a chipped tooth

A tooth that has a part of its edge chipped off can throw your entire smile off in both appearance and balance. While a dental crown is one of the more common treatments for tooth damage, a chipped tooth may not require a full dental crown to restore it. Instead, your dentist might be able to restore the chipped edge with a custom tooth bonding procedure.

Filling a gap

When two or more of your teeth are spaced further apart than the others, correcting the condition (often called a diastema) will depend on how excessive the space is. If it’s due to malocclusion (a crooked bite), then you may need orthodontic treatment to realign your teeth properly. However, if it’s just a cosmetic issue, then your dentist might be able to close the space discreetly with lifelike tooth bonding.

Treating a cavity

Even when restoring a tooth’s health and integrity, the appearance of your smile should always be a consideration. To that end, your dentist might suggest using tooth-colored composite resin to fill your cavity rather than traditional metal amalgam. A resin filling is designed to blend in discreetly with your tooth and to bond securely to your tooth structure, making it a discreet and highly effective restoration for your tooth.

Find Out if Your Smile Can Use Tooth Bonding

Depending on your unique dental needs, your dentist may be able to use tooth bonding to restore your tooth and improve your smile’s appearance. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Syosset Dental in Syosset, NY today at 516-433-2211 or 516-921-1678.