How to Save Your Smile from a Cracked Tooth

Given the fact that your teeth are the strongest parts of your body, you may wonder how and why do they sometimes seem to crack so easily? The truth is, they don’t. For a tooth to crack or fracture, it must be exposed to immense pressure, such as from an uneven bite or accidental trauma. When a tooth does crack, it loses most of its strength and durability, making it vulnerable to further damage.  Fortunately, your dentist can help save your smile from a cracked tooth by restoring it as soon as possible.

The Problem with a Cracked Tooth

Your teeth are highly resilient, but they can’t heal themselves. Therefore, when your tooth cracks, it will remain so for life and restoring your tooth will require stopping it from growing worse. The longer a cracked tooth is left untreated, the bigger the crack will grow. In addition the pain and dental damage this cause, it also leaves the tooth’s sensitive nerves and tissues vulnerable to infection by harmful oral bacteria. If your tooth is cracked severely enough, then your treatment may also include removing the infected tissues with root canal treatment before restoring the tooth’s structure.

Bonding, Veneer, or Dental Crown?

When it’s time to fix your tooth, your dentist can offer several options, depending on the severity of your tooth damage. For minor cracks, your dentist might recommend cosmetic tooth bonding, which involves using tooth-colored composite resin to repair the crack in your tooth. If your tooth’s is more prominent, then you may benefit from placing a custom-made veneer over its front surface. In case of more severe tooth damage, however, your dentist might suggest capping the tooth with a full, lifelike dental crown. Before deciding on the right treatment, your dentist will perform a thorough examination to diagnose the extent of your tooth’s crack, then consult with you personally about which option would work best.

Find Out How to Save Your Cracked Tooth

If your tooth cracks, then your dentist offers a variety of treatment options to restore it in a minimally invasive manner. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Syosset Dental in Syosset, NY today at 516-433-2211 or 516-921-1678.