3D Digital Impressions for High-Tech Restorations

3D Digital Impressions for High-Tech RestorationsToday’s dental restorations are specifically designed for your unique needs, meaning your dental crown or bridge will be designed to mimic your natural teeth and oral structures. To accomplish the realism necessary to restore your smile, your dentist will need to take impressions of your teeth and dental ridges to guide your restoration’s design.

While conventional, material impressions are still necessary in some cases, most patients can enjoy a cleaner, more convenient process through digital imaging. The Trios 3Shape digital impression scanner creates a 3D color model of your teeth, which can then be used to digitally create your modern dental restoration.

What are the benefits compared to traditional dental impressions?

The Trios 3Shape scanner operates much like an intraoral camera, and can be controlled by hand, unlike digital X-rays. The scanner incorporates three different cameras and scanners to create a detailed color scan that highlights your teeth’s unique and varying shades for more accurate and lifelike results.

The benefits of digital 3D impression scanning include:

  • Increased comfort – By creating a digital model of your teeth, the 3D scanner is significantly more comfortable than traditional impression-making. The technology is especially amazing for patients who would otherwise gag on the gooey gel-type texture of a traditional dental impression.
  • No mess – Even patients with less active gag reflexes often appreciate the lack of a mess. Because the material for conventional impressions must be spread over your teeth and dental ridges, cleaning up afterwards can sometimes be time-consuming. By contrast, there is no mess with the Trios scanner, and your digital dental impression will be produced immediately.
  • More lifelike restorations – Precision is a vital factor in restoring your smile, and digital measurements provide a level of accuracy that cannot be achieved with material dental impressions. The result is a more lifelike restoration that closely mimics your natural, healthy tooth structure in size, shape, and color.

At Syosset Dental, all of our experts are fully trained and experienced in Trios 3Shape digital scanning, and we’ve already seen great results. Combined with our array of advanced dental technology and our skill in offering patients an optimal dental experience, 3D digital impression scanning can optimize your entire restorative dental treatment.