3 Benefits Of Tooth-Colored Fillings

shutterstock_51615943The days of silver fillings (amalgam) are over! Although they are still considered safe, there are many disadvantages to getting a silver dental filling. With the advancement of dentistry, tooth-colored fillings are now a great restorative option for your damaged tooth. These fillings are made out of a composite-resin material that is even safer since it doesn’t contain any heavy metals (like mercury). The list of benefits for these composite-resin dental fillings is extensive – ranging from esthetic appeal to the added strength they’re able to give damaged teeth. If you have a cavity and are looking to schedule your appointment to get a filling, consult with your dentist about the benefits of using a composite-resin material.  

  1. 1. A Beautifully Restored Tooth

The material of these tooth-colored fillings is actually able to be customized to match the shade of your natural teeth. This way, you’ll still have a seamless smile after your cavity is taken care of. Over time, silver fillings can affect the shade of your teeth – sometimes giving them a grayish tint. Since composite-resin is able to match your tooth color, you don’t have to worry about any discoloration down the road.

  1. 2. An Extremely Safe Option

Although the ADA and FDA have deemed amalgam safe, years ago there was concern that the amount of mercury used in the material could cause other health problems. While the amount of heavy metals in silver fillings is safe, dentists still warn pregnant women, children, and anyone with a metal allergy away from getting these types of dental fillings. Composite-resin is an extremely safe restorative option that can be used for everyone.

  1. 3. A Strong “New” Tooth

Tooth decay and cavities can break down your tooth and hinder its ability to function properly. Composite-resin can be used to help fill the damaged area (whether it’s a chip or where your dentist removed decay) creating a stronger tooth that can be used to bite and chew food normally.