Could Dental Implants Help You?

shutterstock_100424281If you’ve lost a tooth (or multiple teeth) to disease, injury, or other problems, you may be considering different restoration methods. In recent years, dental implants have become increasingly popular. These “new teeth” closely resemble your natural teeth structurally, cosmetically, and functionally. Just as a natural tooth has a root and a crown – an implant does, too, although its root resembles a titanium screw. The titanium material is able to fuse directly with your jaw bone once the implant is placed. This process usually takes three to six months, but afterwards – you’ll have a fully-functioning smile again!

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

  • -If taken care of properly, your “new tooth” could last for the rest of your life! Dental implants have a very high success rate of lasting for a lifetime.
  • -Many patients who are missing teeth experience trouble performing basic daily functions like chewing their food. Implants are able to restore full functionality for your mouth.
  • -Due to their stability, these “teeth” can act as anchors for bridges, partials, or dentures if you’re missing multiple teeth in the same area.
  • -Dental implants require little maintenance and are relatively easy to care for. You don’t need to remove them in order to clean them, just brush across the “tooth” as you would your natural teeth!
  • -If you’ve used other restoration methods before, you may be familiar with the “slipping” or “sliding” of other conventional removable prosthesis. Each dental implant is independently anchored and fused with your jaw bone – no slipping or sliding here!

Do you qualify for dental implants? If you’re missing teeth, visit your dentist to begin discussing restoring that beautiful smile!