What You May Not Know About Your Tongue

Did you know that your tongue is the strongest muscle in your body, or that it is the only muscle connected at one end? The tongue plays an important part in the function of your mouth. After all, it takes up quite a bit of space. However, many people neglect to mention the tongue when speaking about oral and dental health. While your teeth make eating and speaking possible, they only do so with the assistance of your tongue. To learn more facts about your mouth muscle, read on, as Syosset dentist Dr. Kobak outlines some interesting facts about the tongue.

Interesting Facts

  • The longest human tongue, according to the Guinness World Records, is 9.8 cm (3.86 in).
  • The widest tongue on record measured 3.1 inches across at its widest point.
  • Thomas Blackstone, the record holder for the world’s strongest tongue, lifted a 24 lb, 3 oz weight that was hooked through his tongue.
  • Blue whales have the largest tongues in the animal kingdom. They weigh an average 5,400 lbs, and are typically about the size of an elephant.
  • The human tongue is like a fingerprint; no two are alike.
  • The phrase “Cat got your tongue?” originated approximately 2,500 years ago. Ancient Assyrians cut the tongues out of conquered soldiers and criminals and fed them to the king’s cats.
  • The following sentence has been deemed the hardest tongue twister in the English language by Guinness World Records: “The sixth sick sheikh’s sixth sheep’s sick.”

Keeping your tongue clean is important to your oral health, as well. Use a tongue scraper to clean it while you brush your teeth, and visit Dr. Kobak at least once every six months for a comprehensive dental checkup and cleaning. To schedule an appointment, call our Syosset dental office at (516) 433-2211. We welcome patients from Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, and the surrounding New York City neighborhoods.