Long Island Dentist Explains the Connection Between TMJ Disorder and Fibromyalgia

Did you know that patients who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia commonly have temporomandibular joint dysfunction as well? According to research administered by the National Institutes of Health, fibromyalgia patients have a high incidence of TMJ disorder and exhibit classic TMJ symptoms such as clicking or popping sounds during mouth movement and facial pain.

Fibromyalgia Information

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating and painful disease. Unfortunately, researchers have been unable to pinpoint specific causes or triggers of this ailment. Patients with fibromyalgia typically experience deep, radiating pain throughout their bodies—especially near joints. Those with fibromyalgia also experience stiffness and difficulty moving.

The National Institutes of Health’s Research Findings

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) studied the symptoms of 60 male and female patients with fibromyalgia. Nearly 70% of patients experienced facial pain near the TMJs while 35% of the study’s participants reported TMJ disorder symptoms such as difficulty opening the mouth and discomfort when eating. The NIH concluded that patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia should also be tested for TMJ disorder. Although fibromyalgia and TMJ disorder are two separate ailments, the NIH recommends integrated treatment that addresses both diseases.

Diagnosing and Treating TMJ Disorders in Syosset

TMJ disorders pose risks to your oral health. Clenching and grinding your teeth may lead to permanent damage such as tooth fracture. During routine oral examinations, Dr. Richard Kobak will check the alignment of your bite and look for signs of tooth wear. To help relieve the pain and properly position your bite, Dr. Kobak may recommend a comfortable oral appliance that relieves the strain on the TMJs by positioning the lower jaw properly during sleep. Stress relief exercises and lifestyle changes may help alleviate discomfort, too. Our compassionate team at Syosset Dental understands that fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and TMJ disorders negatively affect your quality of life.

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