Syosset Dentist Discusses the Importance of Water Consumption and Your Oral Health

From May 7th through May 13th, the American Water Works Commission raises awareness on the importance of water intake. Dr. Richard Kobak and the CDC recommend that people ingest a minimum of eight, eight ounce glasses of water each day. Although staying hydrated is extremely important to your overall health, water consumption also affects your oral health, too. Our team at Syosset Dental explains.

Water Dilutes Acid and Harmful Particles

Starches and sugars are a food source for cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. In about seven minutes after eating, bacteria will feed off of sugary compounds. Acid is then released by bacteria as a waste byproduct. This process softens tooth enamel by stripping away protective minerals. Dr. Kobak and our team encourage our patients to rinse their mouths with water for at least 20 seconds after every meal.

Water also benefits your oral health by rinsing away debris and particles. In the same way that saliva helps dilute acid, drinking water contributes to maintaining a healthy PH level in the mouth. We recommend that patients drink water throughout the day—especially with meals.

Sugary and Acidic Beverages

Our talented general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kobak recommends that patients drink sugary and acidic beverages such as lemonade, sports drinks, and sodas in moderation to help protect tooth enamel. If you drink these beverages on occasion, we recommend using a straw and rinsing your mouth with water afterwards. Because childhood tooth decay has increased recent years, we urge parents in our area to encourage their children to choose water over sugary beverages.

Fluoride Supplements

In other areas of the country, medical professionals may encourage young patients to consume fluoridated tap water over bottled water to help strengthen tooth enamel. Since the Long Island area does not have fluoridated water, local pediatricians may prescribe fluoride supplements to help prevent childhood tooth decay.

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