Celebrity Smile Quiz from Syosset Dental

Celebrities are famous for their flawless, immaculate smiles. To ordinary folks, it may seem like they were just born with those straight, pearly whites. Despite this misconception, most people are not born with a perfect smile. Did you know that most celebrities with white, straight looking teeth have opted for some type of cosmetic dentistry? Can you tell which type of cosmetic dental procedures these celebrities have had? Test your cosmetic dental I.Q. with our fun quiz below!

Celebrity Cosmetic Dentistry Quiz

  1. Which two cosmetic dental procedures do Hollywood reporters believe Miley Cyrus had?
    1. Teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding
    2. Porcelain veneers and gum lifting
    3. All of the above
    4. None of the above
  2. Which of these stars have opted for teeth whitening?
    1. Oprah Winfrey
    2. Sara Michelle Gellar
    3. Kim Kardashian
    4. All of the above
  3. Which of the celebrities listed below does NOT have porcelain veneers?
    1. George Clooney
    2. David Bowie
    3. Catherine Zeta Jones
    4. Chris Rock
    5. Mick Jagger
  4. Which actress used Invisalign to straighten her smile before her wedding?
    1. Katherine Heigl
    2. Julia Roberts
    3. Angelina Jolie
    4. None of the above


  1. B – Reporters believe that Miley Cyrus received both porcelain veneers and a gum lift.
  2. D – All of the above.
  3. E – Mick Jagger is not believed to have porcelain veneers.
  4. A – Katherine Heigl chose to straighten her smile with Invisalign clear braces before her wedding day

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