Digital Photography at Syosset Dental Care


Over the past few months, we’ve talked about smile design as an incredibly important component of your smile makeover. With smile design, Long Island cosmetic dentist Dr. Richard Kobak creates a smile that fits all of your dental needs and smile goals, looks beautiful, and appears as if it has belonged to you all along. Today, Dr. Kobak wants to discuss another important aspect of your smile makeover: digital photography.

Smile for Your Close Up


At Syosset Dental, we pride ourselves on serving our patients with the most advanced and cutting-edge dental technology. In addition to digital radiography, intraoral cameras, DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection, and Vizilite oral cancer detection, we offer digital photography.

We realize that most people own a digital camera, but the way we incorporate digital photography into your smile makeover is a little bit different than the snapshots and photo editing you do at home.

When you come to our Syosset, New York, dentist office for your initial consultation, Dr. Kobak will thoroughly examine your teeth and smile, ask you about your smile goals, and design a treatment plan that will turn your dream smile into a reality. Next, he will take a few photos of you.

Digital Photographs Ensure Your Smile

These photos capture the appearance of your smile prior to your dental work and are valuable for a few reasons. First, Dr. Kobak can use these photos to show you how your cosmetic and/or restorative dental treatment will transform your appearance. Using these images, Dr. Kobak will point out certain areas where he’ll treat, and he’ll explain, in-depth, the procedures he plans to use.

Often, these “before” photos are sent to the state-of-the-art laboratory to be used as reference throughout the fabrication of your prostheses. By having these images, the highly trained dental laboratory technicians can check—and check again—that your new restorations are created according to Dr. Kobak’s exact specifications and your unique needs.

Dr. Kobak will use digital photographs throughout your smile makeover process to make adjustments and modifications with the dental lab to ensure the proper fit, appearance, and function of your restorations. Additionally, these images help Dr. Kobak evaluate your smile makeover treatment every step of the way to give you the exact end result that you’re looking for.

Finally, once your treatment is complete and you have a new, beautiful smile, Dr. Kobak will take new photos of you, marking the end of your smile transformation. By just taking a look at your before and after photos, you’ll gain a true sense of just how valuable your smile is to your overall appearance, your sense of self-confidence, and the way other people perceive you. The proof is in the photos!

To view before and after photos of smile makeovers Dr. Kobak has completed, visit his smile gallery. To reserve an appointment, call Syosset Dental at (516) 433-2211 or visit us online at