Your Syosset Dentist Explains the Importance of Regular Brushing

Brushing twice daily and (hopefully) flossing once daily are both probably routine for you. But why do dentists recommend that we brush regularly? The main reason that everyone should practice proper dental hygiene at home is biofilm. Dr. Richard Kobak, a Syosset, NY, dentist, wants you to know the facts about dental biofilm so you can understand the importance of regular brushing.

Why Should You Remove Biofilm?

The process of biofilm formation is constantly repeating and involves the layering of many different types of bacteria. Streptococcus and Actinomyces, two non-pathogenic bacteria, are the first to attach to teeth during the biofilm process and are both beneficial to our gums.

Although that first bacteria layer is helpful, leaving biofilm on your teeth allows subsequent, more harmful, bacteria layers to build. The last layer of bacteria is particularly harmful, leading to periodontitis (severe gum disease). Those bacteria are continuously present in your mouth, but it is only when they attach to your gums that they begin to cause problems.

How Does Brushing Your Teeth Affect Biofilm?

When you brush bad bacteria away, you prevent them from harming your teeth. It takes 3-12 weeks for the harmful bacteria to become the dominant bacteria in your mouth. After they become dominant, they can cause periodontitis in genetically susceptible people.

Regular, thorough (but gentle) brushing of both your teeth and gums forces biofilm formation to repeatedly restart, which means the good bacteria spend more time attached to your gums than the bad bacteria. That’s why proper, daily oral hygiene can prevent gum disease and protect your dental health.

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