Take Years Off of Your Appearance with Teeth Whitening

Thanks to the endless technology available in the dental field, it’s easy to achieve the smile of your dreams from a number of cosmetic dental procedures.

I know, however, that cosmetic dentistry can require a leap of faith. It’s an investment of your time, your money, and of your physical appearance. Sometimes, all you need to update your smile is teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening is the most-requested smile makeover procedure for a reason: it works. This safe, quick, and inexpensive procedure can take years off of your appearance and breath new life to your smile.

If you wish to try teeth whitening, just let use know at any appointment or call our dental office at (516) 433-2211 to schedule a consultation. I will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth and your custom bleaching trays will be ready for you in just a day or two.

I will provide you with 100 percent safe bleaching gel that you put into the clear trays and wear for an hour per day or while you sleep. This at-home teeth whitening system allows you to lighten your teeth at your convenience in the privacy of your own home.

The entire process takes only 10 to 14 days, and, once you’ve reached the desired brightness, only occasional touchups are needed to maintain your brand new smile.

If you want to correct brown, yellow, or mottled tooth staining, and are looking for a near permanent solution for a dull smile, I invite you to call Syosset Dental in the North Shore area of Long Island, New York, at (516) 433-2211. I’m Dr. Richard Kobak, and I’ve seen teeth whitening work many of my patients. I’m confident it will give you the results you’re looking for.