Syosset Dental Re-Opening

Syosset Dental Re-Opening!
To Our Valued Patients and Friends,
We are looking forward to our long-awaited office reopening for comprehensive dental care on Monday, June 8. We are excited to get back to the profession we love and seeing all of you as soon as possible. We wanted to inform everyone of some of the details regarding the logistical and physical changes we have instituted to keep our patients, staff and doctors safe, healthy and comfortable going forward. Our dental team has all had the recommended testing and we will be doing daily temperature checks. If any staff member exhibits any signs or symptoms of illness, they will be asked to stay at home.
We will be making phone calls and sending messages to reschedule all the appointments that had to be cancelled during this pause. We have started by seeing all patients that have had more emergent dental issues while we were out, as well as completing treatment that was in progress. We will now be rescheduling all the routine hygiene maintenance, exams and asymptomatic dental care. We might suggest some further delaying of routine appointments for those people who fall into higher health risk categories or are over 65 years of age.
The system for bringing patients in for their appointments will have some modifications as well. These new protocols will help comply with social distancing and to prevent possible cross contamination. These will include alterations in our scheduling as well as how we will be approaching your dental visit. We will be using a short questionnaire to help determine if any dental treatment might need to be postponed prior to coming to the office. Once you arrive at our office, we will be following these procedures.
• Call the office from your car upon arrival and we will let you know when to come upstairs
• Wear a mask, come inside by yourself if possible, and leave personal belongings in your car
• Touch-less infra red temperature checks upon arrival and providing of hand sanitizer
• Temporary removal of some amenities like the coffee and water station, magazines, TV remote, and children’s toy box.
We will have limited, spaced seating in the reception area and try to bring you directly to the treatment room. Once seated in the treatment room, we will be utilizing a rinse for every patient, which significantly helps reduce germs prior to treatment. After treatment we will expedite the checkout process to minimize interactions with others. Additionally, we will do as much as possible after you leave the office on the phone.
As most of you know, our practice has always utilized “universal precautions” and we will continue to meet or exceed all CDC and OSHA infection control guidelines, but we have now also added many extra layers of protection.
• Disinfecting and sanitizing counters, restrooms and common areas throughout the day
• Utilization of non-toxic, fogging disinfection sprays throughout the office.
• Upgrade of our office HVAC system with the Aerus Air Scrubber system, a NASA developed system that uses UV-C light and filters to help clean all the air entering our facility.
• Placement of air purification units with high level HEPA filtration throughout the office
• Use of IQ Air vacuum unit which will be used as an accessory suction during higher aerosol generating dental procedures.
• Plexiglass “sneeze guard” partitions and touch-less credit card terminal at front desk.
We might look a little different as well, as we will all be wearing increased personal protective equipment (PPE). This will include gowns, high level masks, eye protection, surgical caps, and face shields. While we have been closed, we have been using video tele-dentistry via the online platform. If someone needs a longer consultation to review more major issues, we plan on continuing to have this available to speak remotely in a safe manner, on video conference without the need for masks.
We hope this information answers many of your questions and alleviates any of your concerns. We assure you that we are as committed as ever to providing our patients the highest quality of dental care while keeping you as safe and healthy as possible. Hopefully, some of these extra precautions will only be temporary and we can resume more normalcy in the future. We value your continued trust and loyalty and look forward to seeing all of you soon. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have.
Best regards,
Richard J. Kobak D.D.S.
Emmanuil Diamantakis D.D.S.
Francine Raxenberg D.D.S.