The Importance of Dental Checkups and Cleanings

Perhaps your dental hygiene routine is top-notch: you brush twice daily and floss once per day, and you even rinse with mouthwash. But even if you have impeccable hygiene at home, it is of the utmost importance that you also see your dentist every six months for dental hygiene visits. Dr. Richard Kobak and his team at Syosset Dental provide thorough teeth cleanings and dental checkups.

Why Are Dental Checkups Important?

When you come to Syosset Dental for a checkup, Dr. Kobak or his hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth, removing plaque and tartar that brushing and flossing cannot. They will also go over your daily hygiene routine, to be sure that it is on-point, and examine your teeth and soft tissue for signs of oral health issues. (more…)

Can You Benefit from Dental Implant Improvements?

Implants replace natural teeth, all the way to the root. In fact, the base, or post, of the implant is literally screwed into the socket left by the missing tooth. Over time, the bone grows around the post and fuses with it, creating a solid and permanent fit. After some time to heal, a cap is placed on top of the post to take the place of the top part of the tooth. Current dental implants can take up to seven to eight months to fully heal before the cap can be placed.

Scientists at the University of Gothenburg have proposed new technology to improve dental implants. By studying the surface of an implant down to nanoscale, the scientists have discovered how to repair missing teeth and reduce patients’ healing time.

The scientists’ proposed improvements reduce healing time. They discovered a way to adjust the texture of the post on a microscopic scale to stimulate bone growth and accelerate healing time. So, instead of seven to eight months to heal before a cap is put in place, the wait could be much shorter with this innovative treatment.

While these developments are exciting, they aren’t available yet, you shouldn’t wait to receive treatment for a missing tooth. missing a tooth doesn’t just hurt your appearance or self-esteem. It causes additional tooth loss, shifting of existing teeth, jaw bone deterioration, and even contribute a change in facial features. Today’s dental implants offer a permanent solution for these problems. In fact, many dentists report seeing implants 30 years old, so they’ve been an effective treatment for missing teeth for some time.

If you have a missing tooth, or even multiple teeth missing, don’t wait. Let us help you restore your smile. Contact Syosset Dental today for your implant consultation.

Are Amalgam Dental Fillings Safe?

Recent advancements in cosmetic dental treatments allow Dr. Kobak to repair teeth, but he also leaves them looking absolutely gorgeous. From crowns to braces, modern dental treatments, technology, and materials make dental work inconspicuous. Existing dental work that looks bulky or obvious can be replaced with natural-looking alternatives. For instance, dark metal, or amalgam, fillings can be replaced with tooth-colored composite resin fillings.

Traditional fillings are made of dental amalgam, a mix of metals that includes the potentially dangerous heavy metal, mercury. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently chimed in on the debate about the safety of amalgam dental fillings. Citing numerous studies, the FDA determined that dental amalgam is safe to use, but recommends pregnant women, young children, the elderly, and people with known mercury sensitivity avoid amalgam fillings.

While metal amalgam fillings are used in many cases, Dr. Kobak places tooth-colored composite resin fillings instead. These natural looking fillings are made of a plastic, tinted to match the color of a patient’s tooth enamel. Unlike metal fillings, composites won’t leak or change shape with temperature fluctuations. They actually bond to natural tooth structure, making them strong and durable. Composite fillings contain no metal or mercury. They look bright, natural, and beautiful.

I’m Dr. Richard Kobak. If you’re unsure whether you need to replace your metal dental fillings, call my Syosset, NY, dental office and ask about your options. My dental team and I will provide you with an honest evaluation of your situation, and we’ll recommend the best option for your case.


Dental Implants from Your Syosset Dentist

Missing teeth are not aesthetically pleasing, and they also pose a threat to both your oral and overall health. They can lead to the shifting of surrounding teeth, further tooth loss, jawbone deterioration, and gum disease (along with its related ill health effects). Dental implants, titanium posts that act as replacements for natural tooth roots, are a great option to replace those teeth. I’m Dr. Richard Kobak, a Syosset, NY, dentist, and I offer a variety of restorative dental procedures, including dental implants.

Before I place the implants, I will ask you to come in for an appointment, during which he will ask you about your dental health history, perform a thorough exam of your teeth, and perform X-rays. If you are a candidate for implants, I will refer you to a periodontist or oral surgeon (with whom I work closely) who will place the implants beneath your gums, within the jawbone.

The jawbone will then gradually bond with the implant. During the healing process, which usually takes between three and six months, you will wear a temporary appliance and will be able to eat and drink normally. Once bonding has taken effect, the oral surgeon will remove the temporary tooth and attach a small healing collar to protect the exposed gums and implant. Then I will begin making your new teeth. I will take impressions of your teeth and send them to a lab, where your new restorations—crowns, bridges, or dentures—will be created.

The restorations will go over abutments, posts that provide strength and support. After I place the restorations, you will come in for checkups to be sure that the implants are working properly.

Dental implants can give restore your smile’s full functionality and beauty!

Is it time for you to renew your smile and your life with dental implants? Contact Syosset Dental today for your consultation.

Quiz Yourself to Determine What You Want to Change About Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is an amazing thing. Countless procedures exist that have the ability to give you a brand new smile that you will love.

Here at Syosset Dental Care, we want to be your cosmetic dental care providers. We want to be here for you through every step of your smile makeover, from consultation to the final, beautiful result.

First, however, it’s necessary for you to identify what you like and dislike about your smile. This quiz will help you decide.


  1. What color best describes your teeth? Bright white, Yellowish, Gray-blue, or Brownish
  2. Which term best describes the position of your front teeth? Perfectly straight, Gapped, Crowded, or Uneven
  3. Which adjective describes the shape of your front teeth? Nice and attractive, Pointy, Uneven, or Rough-edged
  4. Which words describe the size of your teeth? Proportionate to my mouth/face, Too big, Too small, Too short, Too long
  5. How do you feel about your smile? I love it, It’s embarrassing, It’s okay, I don’t smile

This quiz is all about how you feel when you look in the mirror, so there are no correct or incorrect answers. Don’t worry if you’re not happy with your answers, though. We offer the cosmetic dental procedures that can correct the things you want to change about your smile right here in our Syosset, New York, dental office.

Some of these procedures include:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Tooth reshaping/recontouring
  • White fillings and crowns
  • Replacement teeth

If you are ready to begin your transformation to get the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of, we encourage you to schedule a consultation appointment. At this consultation, we will discuss your dental goals and design a treatment plan specifically for you and your unique needs.

I’m Dr. Richard Kobak, and my dental team and I love creating beautiful smiles. We look forward to hearing from you and embarking on the journey to your perfect smile together!

Inlays and Onlays: Durable and Attractive Alternatives to Dental Fillings

Of all the restorative dental procedures available, inlays and onlays tend to be the least known about among my patients. In a restorative world ruled by dental fillings and crowns, inlays and onlays offer an equivalent restorative option.

In fact, most dentists prefer to use inlays and onlays when more than half of the tooth’s biting surface is damaged.

Inlays and onlays can be made from a variety of materials, including porcelain, gold, and composite resin. While they are often grouped together, inlays and onlays are used for different reasons. An inlay, which is similar to a filling, is used inside the cusp tips of your tooth. An onlay, on the other hand, extends out over at least one cusp of the tooth and extends down the side of the tooth, making it a more substantial restoration.

Inlays and onlays require two appointments to fully prepare and place. During your first visit, your tooth will be prepared for your restoration by cleaning and removing the damaged or decaying area of your tooth. To ensure proper fit and bite function of your restoration, I will take an impression of your tooth and then send it to the dental lab for fabrication. I will place a temporary filling that you will wear until your next appointment.

At your second appointment, I will remove your temporary filling, check the fit of your inlay or onlay, and bond your restoration to your tooth using a strong resin. Your restoration will be polished to give it a natural look and a smooth texture.

Because traditional fillings can reduce the strength of a natural tooth by up to 50 percent, inlays and onlays are great, durable, and natural-looking alternatives. In fact, these restorations can increase the strength of your damaged tooth up to 75 percent and last for at least 10 years when cared for properly.

I’m Dr. Richard  Kobak, a cosmetic and restorative dentist in the North Shore area of Long Island, New York, and I have placed inlays and onlays on countless patients and have seen quality results. If you have a damaged or decaying tooth, I invite you to call Syosset Dental at (516) 433-2211.

Get a Brand New, Beautiful Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Take a look at a picture of your favorite celebrity. Chances are, one of the first things you notice will be the star’s “perfect” teeth. While you may be envious of the Hollywood lifestyle, there’s no reason to lust after a great grin.

You can have one of your own with porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers, also known as the smile makeover procedure, can give you your own version of a perfect smile in just one cosmetic dental procedure.

Porcelain veneers are thin shells made from high-quality ceramic that bond directly to the front surfaces of your teeth. This creates a natural looking, visually appealing smile that is sure to help you exude confidence, look years younger, and give off a stellar first impression.

If you have misaligned, permanently stained, chipped, broken, or unevenly spaced teeth, porcelain veneers can give you results that no other dental procedure can. Because they are just as strong as natural teeth, veneers can last for at least 15 years with proper care. They are also stain resistant, so you will never have to worry about whitening your smile, even if you are a smoker or coffee drinker.

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to give you a healthy, beautiful, natural looking smile, so I will work with you to design a smile makeover plan that best fits your needs and appearance. I will take into account several factors, including your natural tooth structure, face shape, coloring, and age to ensure that your smile blends well with your overall appearance and your cosmetic procedure can remain your best-kept secret.

I’m Dr. Richard Kobak, and I invite you to call (516) 433-2211 to schedule a consultation appointment to see if veneers are the right cosmetic dental procedure for you. My brand new state-of-the-art dental office will be complete soon and, once it is, we can embark on the journey to the smile of your dreams together.

Take Years Off of Your Appearance with Teeth Whitening

Thanks to the endless technology available in the dental field, it’s easy to achieve the smile of your dreams from a number of cosmetic dental procedures.

I know, however, that cosmetic dentistry can require a leap of faith. It’s an investment of your time, your money, and of your physical appearance. Sometimes, all you need to update your smile is teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening is the most-requested smile makeover procedure for a reason: it works. This safe, quick, and inexpensive procedure can take years off of your appearance and breath new life to your smile.

If you wish to try teeth whitening, just let use know at any appointment or call our dental office at (516) 433-2211 to schedule a consultation. I will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth and your custom bleaching trays will be ready for you in just a day or two.

I will provide you with 100 percent safe bleaching gel that you put into the clear trays and wear for an hour per day or while you sleep. This at-home teeth whitening system allows you to lighten your teeth at your convenience in the privacy of your own home.

The entire process takes only 10 to 14 days, and, once you’ve reached the desired brightness, only occasional touchups are needed to maintain your brand new smile.

If you want to correct brown, yellow, or mottled tooth staining, and are looking for a near permanent solution for a dull smile, I invite you to call Syosset Dental in the North Shore area of Long Island, New York, at (516) 433-2211. I’m Dr. Richard Kobak, and I’ve seen teeth whitening work many of my patients. I’m confident it will give you the results you’re looking for.

Setting Your Foundation for a Lifelong Healthy Smile

Dr. Kobak checks out the new Syosset Dental office

The Syosset Dental team always welcomes new patients, and opening our new state-of-the-art dental office sometime late this summer gives us a fantastic opportunity to expand our dental care family.

As a patient, your initial office visit is the first step to building a strong patient-doctor and patient-office relationship. Your initial appointment will consist of a complete evaluation of your mouth and oral health, including any necessary X-rays, periodontal exam, thorough tooth exam, TMJ and bite evaluation, and head and neck evaluation. Dental cleanings are not always done at this visit, however, your periodontal status needs to be addressed at every visit to decide which type of cleaning best suits your needs.

At Syosset Dental, our philosophy is to spend as much time as needed learning about every new patient’s oral health and needs prior to making treatment decisions. The hygienists and I will spend time talking to you about yourself, your dental and health history, and your dental and smile goals. We encourage you to voice your concerns and questions at this time so that they can be addressed and you can be as comfortable as possible in our office.

Please assist us by providing the following information at the time of your examination:

  • Any duplicate X-rays, if applicable
  • A list of medications you are currently taking
  • Dental insurance and necessary forms and documentation, if applicable

It is important to know that all patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the consultation appointment. Also, please alert the office if you have a medical condition that may be of concern prior to surgery, such as diabetes, heart problems, or high blood pressure, and if you are on any medication.

I’m Dr. Richard Kobak, and I hope you find a home at Syosset Dental. My team and I are dedicated to giving you a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles, so I encourage you to call my dental office, located in the North Shore area of Long Island, New York, at (516) 433-2211.

Your Smile Makeover Begins Here

With modern dental technology and techniques, achieving your dream smile is easier than ever. If you look in the mirror and are disappointed with the smile staring back you, you have come to the right place!

Cosmetic dentistry is any dental treatment that improves the beauty and health of your smile. As a cosmetic dentist in the North Shore area of Long Island, New York, I offer a number of smile makeover options to my patients.

These procedures include:

  • Metal-Free Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dental Implants
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Teeth Whitening

Almost any flaw in your smile can be corrected with the help of cosmetic dentistry. Crooked or overlapping teeth can be straightened without the discomfort or time commitment that accompanies traditional metal braces. Gaps between teeth can be closed, and chipped or worn teeth can be repaired and made even. Even missing teeth can be replaced.

Cosmetic dentistry can give you a total smile makeover, but the benefits don’t end there. In addition to giving you a beautiful, natural-looking, complete, and fully functional smile, a smile makeover can renew your self-confidence and create lasting, positive first impressions. You smile is the first thing people notice about you, so why not wow them with one flash of your pearly whites?

I’m Dr. Richard Kobak of Syosset Dental, and I know that deciding to have a cosmetic dental procedure is a big decision. That’s why my team and I are here to help you. My dental office will open in just a few months, and, when it does, I invite you to schedule a cosmetic consultation by calling (516) 433-2211. Your new smile is waiting for you.