Best Teeth Whitening Solutions

Whitening strips, trays, toothpastes, and gels… Dentist-prescribed home whitening… Zoom! Whitening in one office visit. Which is best? Which one is right for you?

When considering any tooth whitening option, it is critical that your dentist help you decide if you are a candidate for bleaching prior to using any of the systems. Certain teeth that have bonding, crowns, veneers or even deep intrinsic staining may not bleach and can actually lead to a more pronounced variation in color from one tooth to another! A thorough exam and cleaning is routinely performed before bleaching to be sure their are no cavities that can become sensitive if they are not restored before the bleach gel is used. We also want to be sure tartar and superficial stains are removed before bleaching to ensure best results.

Over the counter or non-custom whitening: For mild tooth enamel stains caused from foods and beverages, tobacco, and age, the strips, trays, toothpastes, and gels you can purchase at your local pharmacy or dental office may work well. Most contain about 10% carbamide peroxide, and you can select the system that you prefer. Sometimes these systems are recommended for younger teenagers when teeth are more prone to becoming sensitive or when jaw growth is still taking place and custom fitted trays will not fit long term. If you ‘re unsatisfied with the results from over-the-counter products, talk with Dr. Kobak about dentist-prescribed home whitening or one-visit whitening. These systems are more potent and can brighten teeth by many shades. Stains that don’t respond well to over-the-counter teeth whitening may vanish with prescription whitening.

Prescription home whitening:This is the most common bleaching procedure used in Dr. Kobak’s office, where custom fitted bleach trays are designed to be worn at home. These custom trays keep a strong, safe bleaching gel close to tooth enamel, while keeping out saliva. Some people prefer to whiten on their commute to work, while others like whitening at home before bed.  Dr. Kobak usually suggests wearing the trays for one to two hours per night. Many patients see results after just one day of treatment, but ten days to two weeks of treatment is recommended for optimal results. Keep your trays and purchase refills of the whitening gel from our office whenever your smile needs a touch up. The impressions and trays are all done on premises enabling the cost for this technique to be kept reasonable.

Zoom! Whitening in the office: For quickest results, Zoom! Whitening is best. If you want to brighten your smile before a special event or you just don’t have time to wear bleaching trays every day, light-activated Zoom! will give you a brighter smile in a single visit. This technique involves about 1 1/2 – 2 hours in the dental office and will obtain similar results as using the custom bleach trays, only quicker.

As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kobak serves patients from Long Island and the surrounding areas in his Syosset Dental office. Call today to reserve your consultation, and you could have a whiter smile tomorrow!

Our New Website Is Live!

Dr. Richard J. Kobak and the Syosset Dental team proudly announce the launch of our brand new website. We decided to revamp our internet presence to match the opening of our new office on Jericho Turnpike in Syosset, NY.

We are very excited. Our hope is that the changes we’ve made will be more convenient and comfortable for our existing patients, and very accessible and welcoming to our new and prospective patients.

Please visit our new locations, both on the web and in person. Dr. Kobak and our team hope you find the website easy to navigate and thoroughly informative. We have sections for contact information, registration forms, testimonials, and appointments, as well as information about us, our services, a picture gallery of smiles, and general dentistry facts.

We invite you to call 516-433-2211 and reserve your appointment with Dr. Kobak. Whether you need a checkup, you’d like to discuss smile makeover procedures, or you’re interested in improving your oral health with restorative dentistry, Syosset Dental is here to help. Our office is conveniently located in Syosset, New York  and is easily accessible from almost any location in Nassau, Suffolk, or New York City.

You Can’t Brush or Floss Oral Cancer Away

You may brush the recommended twice per day, you may floss once a day, but in the unfortunate case of oral cancer, these habits won’t get you very far. Oral cancer can be lethal. About 30,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer in the United States this year. Nearly a third will die within five years. A professional dental checkup every six months can ensure that the cancer will be caught in its early stage, when treatment is most effective. Early detection allows early treatment, which improves survival statistics dramatically.

Good oral homecare, including regular brushing and flossing, is vital to good oral hygiene. However, if you brush and floss diligently, don’t disregard checkups with a dentist. Checkups are for more than finding cavities. (more…)

Syosset Dental Patient Testimonial: Risa C.

Over the past few of weeks, we have presented video testimonials from actual patients of Dr. Richard Kobak, a dentist in Syosset, NY.

The fourth and final testimonial in our series comes from Risa C. Dr. Kobak placed porcelain veneers on Risa’s top teeth, giving her a beautiful smile and boosting her confidence. You can read her testimonial after the video.


Dr. Kobak is amazing. I have never gotten so many compliments on my smile as to when he did my top teeth, which are all veneered. I was very nervous as to how they would look, and they look absolutely exquisite.

People always ask me who my dentist is and they ask me how I got such a great smile. It has given me so much more confidence than I ever thought I would have as to before when I did not have them. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I’d feel as good about myself.—Risa C.

Would you like to become one of Dr. Kobak’s satisfied patients? Call our Syosset, NY, dental practice today at 516-433-2211. Be sure to visit our blog and subscribe for updates, and join our conversation on Facebook, too.

Syosset Dental Patient Testimonial: Estelle D.

Over the past couple of weeks, we have presented video testimonials from actual patients of Dr. Richard Kobak, a dentist in Syosset, NY.

The third testimonial in our series comes from Estelle D. Dr. Kobak performed a full-mouth reconstruction and gave her the smile of her dreams. You can read her testimonial after the video.

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Syosset Dental Patient Testimonial: Larry Needle

Over the next few weeks, we will present video testimonials from actual patients of Dr. Richard Kobak, a dentist in Syosset, NY.

Our second testimonial comes from Larry N., who received dental implants 15 years ago. You can read his testimonial below the video.


Syosset Dental Patient Testimonial: Roni S.

Over the next few weeks, we will present video testimonials from actual patients of Dr. Richard Kobak, a dentist in Syosset, NY.

The first testimonial comes from Roni S., who has been a loyal patient for nearly a decade. You can read her testimonial below the video.


I’m a patient of Dr. Kobak’s for almost 10 years. This is a wonderful office. He’s a very experienced dentist, caring, and very efficient. And now my two daughters are patients of Dr. Kobak’s. We feel like we’re part of a huge family here. The staff is so caring and wonderful. It’s a great dentist’s office and we love coming here. –Roni S.

Would you like to become another one of Dr. Kobak’s satisfied patients? Call our Syosset, NY, dental practice today at 516-433-2211.

Your Syosset Dentist Explains the Importance of Regular Brushing

Brushing twice daily and (hopefully) flossing once daily are both probably routine for you. But why do dentists recommend that we brush regularly? The main reason that everyone should practice proper dental hygiene at home is biofilm. Dr. Richard Kobak, a Syosset, NY, dentist, wants you to know the facts about dental biofilm so you can understand the importance of regular brushing.

Why Should You Remove Biofilm?

The process of biofilm formation is constantly repeating and involves the layering of many different types of bacteria. Streptococcus and Actinomyces, two non-pathogenic bacteria, are the first to attach to teeth during the biofilm process and are both beneficial to our gums.

Although that first bacteria layer is helpful, leaving biofilm on your teeth allows subsequent, more harmful, bacteria layers to build. The last layer of bacteria is particularly harmful, leading to periodontitis (severe gum disease). Those bacteria are continuously present in your mouth, but it is only when they attach to your gums that they begin to cause problems. (more…)

The Importance of Dental Checkups and Cleanings

Perhaps your dental hygiene routine is top-notch: you brush twice daily and floss once per day, and you even rinse with mouthwash. But even if you have impeccable hygiene at home, it is of the utmost importance that you also see your dentist every six months for dental hygiene visits. Dr. Richard Kobak and his team at Syosset Dental provide thorough teeth cleanings and dental checkups.

Why Are Dental Checkups Important?

When you come to Syosset Dental for a checkup, Dr. Kobak or his hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth, removing plaque and tartar that brushing and flossing cannot. They will also go over your daily hygiene routine, to be sure that it is on-point, and examine your teeth and soft tissue for signs of oral health issues. (more…)

Can You Benefit from Dental Implant Improvements?

Implants replace natural teeth, all the way to the root. In fact, the base, or post, of the implant is literally screwed into the socket left by the missing tooth. Over time, the bone grows around the post and fuses with it, creating a solid and permanent fit. After some time to heal, a cap is placed on top of the post to take the place of the top part of the tooth. Current dental implants can take up to seven to eight months to fully heal before the cap can be placed.

Scientists at the University of Gothenburg have proposed new technology to improve dental implants. By studying the surface of an implant down to nanoscale, the scientists have discovered how to repair missing teeth and reduce patients’ healing time.

The scientists’ proposed improvements reduce healing time. They discovered a way to adjust the texture of the post on a microscopic scale to stimulate bone growth and accelerate healing time. So, instead of seven to eight months to heal before a cap is put in place, the wait could be much shorter with this innovative treatment.

While these developments are exciting, they aren’t available yet, you shouldn’t wait to receive treatment for a missing tooth. missing a tooth doesn’t just hurt your appearance or self-esteem. It causes additional tooth loss, shifting of existing teeth, jaw bone deterioration, and even contribute a change in facial features. Today’s dental implants offer a permanent solution for these problems. In fact, many dentists report seeing implants 30 years old, so they’ve been an effective treatment for missing teeth for some time.

If you have a missing tooth, or even multiple teeth missing, don’t wait. Let us help you restore your smile. Contact Syosset Dental today for your implant consultation.